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Valetta – 100 x 80 x 5cm

"Valetta" by artist Fox DanielsClick on image to enlarge

The Maltese beauty lies within the mixture of centuries of wars and colonisation. Her curved features and traits are a blend of ancient Egypt, Turkey and more recent French and English influences. Devoutly catholic, her culture retains the highest values of both Arabian and Christian philosophies. Without a single doubt her family comes first and foremost. On the surface she stands behind her husband but fundamentally she is the core member of the family and she knows it. She loves and takes great pride in her multiple roles as wife, mother and daughter. This power makes her feel and look both sensual and irresistible. The cigarette depicts her independence and power. Lastly, Maltese women have amazing hair. Her weekly trip to the salon is her way of saying “I love being a woman in today’s men’s world!”

My Diagon Alley holiday Home in the Med
My Babouche holiday Home in the Med