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Colourful collectible contemporary art with attitude. Modern art contemporary art popular art colorful art original paintings limited edition prints direct from the artist Fox Daniels

Paris – 100 x 80 x 5cm

Art Painting "Paris" of Amazing Grace series by glamour artist Fox DanielsClick on image to enlarge

The beautiful Parisienne is the absolute role model of every other woman who takes her appearance seriously.   The Parisienne is effortlessly thin, always trendy and glamorous at every occasion. She will make you believe all this comes naturally. It doesn’t. Her draconian diet and beauty tricks are as secret as a lovers whisper in the bedroom of the President. Espresso and cigarettes are her loyal aides. She understands that to reveal less is more.   She masters the art of seduction like no other. No matter how hard you try, you will not come near to Parisian beauty. After all you ARE the mere foreigner n’est-ce pas?

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