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Rain Maker Man – 100 x 100 x 5cm

Art painting RAINMAKER MAN portrait Chris Hsu by commercial glamour artist and portraitist Fox DanielsClick on the image to enlarge

Inspired by the amazing Christopher Hsu. He is the man who prefers to work behind the scenes whilst influencing the lives of others.

He is a man of contemplation with a vision of our future.

He works and lives in America and China being equally comfortable with both cultures.   His unique position in time and place allow him to connect the dots and unite projects, creating a modern effect on society.

The fractal, made from the universal sign of the nomad, embracing him is an expression of his drive for perfection, his love for metaphysics and his lone search for a homeland.

He enjoys capturing specific travel scenes. In his photography alike in business he has an eye for symmetry, perfection and purpose.

Whilst soft spoken and introspective, this Man of Influence’s vanity lies in the fact that every day he lives to make a change. the wing beat of the 21st century butterfly?

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