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In Vogue Man – 100 x 100 x 5cm


Art Portrait aristocrat In Vogue Man of Men of Influence series by glamour artist Fox Daniels

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Inspired by Mr Laurent-Marie Affre. A heritage of culture and education, combined with an aptitude for detail and excellent taste, enables him to advise those who seek his wise counsel on all matters related to the arts, fashion and society. A consummate diplomat he never personally aspires to the limelight, but finds great satisfaction in promoting the interests of others.

Whilst he enjoys the benefits of his classical background within the realms of European royalty, politicians, poets and philosophers, he also understands his privileges and the responsibilities they bring.   Some of his greatest achievements have been in quietly influencing the world of those less privileged. After all, “Le bruit ne fait pas de bien, et le bien ne fait pas de bruit.

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