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Men of Influence

Celebrity billionaire Stephen Hung has my painting in his Hong Kong office !

Stephen Hung office and my painting! Casino Man by Fox Daniels Art

To see one of my paintings hanging behind the desk of this celebrity billionaire and ueber famous Hong Kong entrepreneur is probably the most rewarding part in my artist career.  Stephen Hung is renowned for his flamboyant and trendsetting style.  We had it framed in his signature  baroque style floater frame which works incredibly well with contemporary art.  Most galleries would not dare to use such a contrasting frame.  So proud to be in this office where success in business are part of the top of the world !


In Vogue Man – 100 x 100 x 5cm


Art Portrait aristocrat In Vogue Man of Men of Influence series by glamour artist Fox Daniels

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Inspired by Mr Laurent-Marie Affre. A heritage of culture and education, combined with an aptitude for detail and excellent taste, enables him to advise those who seek his wise counsel on all matters related to the arts, fashion and society. A consummate diplomat he never personally aspires to the limelight, but finds great satisfaction in promoting the interests of others.

Whilst he enjoys the benefits of his classical background within the realms of European royalty, politicians, poets and philosophers, he also understands his privileges and the responsibilities they bring.   Some of his greatest achievements have been in quietly influencing the world of those less privileged. After all, “Le bruit ne fait pas de bien, et le bien ne fait pas de bruit.

Art Man – 100 x 80 x 5cm


Art Painting Art Man portrait Jay Jopling of Men of Influence series by glamour artist Fox Daniels

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Inspired by the likes of Jay Jopling. Art Man is inspired by the men and women of both extremes within the art establishment. The ones who have flair, love art and make a difference, and the ones who don’t.

Art Man decides what art you are going to like and should invest in. He is the bona fide Gertrude Stein of the contemporary art world. A rare species among the prima donnas, clowns, pretend intellectuals and fools who have no affinity with art for the sake of art yet who, alas, crowd the industry because there is money to be made. Lot’s of it. The hands reaching out on serving platters signify artists reaching out to such influential men and women who genuinely love and respect art for what it is. The only significant trace of humankind we leave behind on this earth. Are you able to discern the Art Man from the Art con-man?

Rain Maker Man – 100 x 100 x 5cm

Art painting RAINMAKER MAN portrait Chris Hsu by commercial glamour artist and portraitist Fox DanielsClick on the image to enlarge

Inspired by the amazing Christopher Hsu. He is the man who prefers to work behind the scenes whilst influencing the lives of others.

He is a man of contemplation with a vision of our future.

He works and lives in America and China being equally comfortable with both cultures.   His unique position in time and place allow him to connect the dots and unite projects, creating a modern effect on society.

The fractal, made from the universal sign of the nomad, embracing him is an expression of his drive for perfection, his love for metaphysics and his lone search for a homeland.

He enjoys capturing specific travel scenes. In his photography alike in business he has an eye for symmetry, perfection and purpose.

Whilst soft spoken and introspective, this Man of Influence’s vanity lies in the fact that every day he lives to make a change. the wing beat of the 21st century butterfly?

Jewelry Man – 100 x 100 x 5cm


Art painting Jewelry Man portrait Laurence Graff by commercial glamour artist and portraitist Fox Daniels

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Inspired by Laurence Graff. An influential jeweler, famous for his knack of finding the largest and most spectacular diamonds, inspired this painting. Jewelry Man creates exclusive pieces of ornamentation for kings and queens, and his very select clientele.

He excels at tapping into male vanity.  He understands that behind every beautifully bejeweled woman may stand a successful man, a man of prominence, influence and wealth. He himself prefers to stay discretely behind the scenes observing the trends of high society, allowing him to create room whispering pieces of diamond extravaganza. Indeed his own vanity lies in finding and putting his name to the next to almost impossible to find stone.

The Peacock, one of Jewelry Man’s latest creations, is in this painting a reflection of male vanity and how success is what women find most attractive in a man.  It is filled with only the finest of diamonds including the very rarest of all, the red diamond, which is represented as the peacock’s nails trying to get attention from it’s creator, Jewelry Man.

Casino Man – 100 x 80 x 5cm


Art painting CASINO MAN portrait Stephen Hung by commercial glamour artist and portraitist Fox Daniels

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Inspired by a flamboyant Macao casino entrepreneur and jet setter Stephen Hung.
Casino Man is a reflection of both the salon prive player and the entrepreneur of the casino industry.
The player’s game par preference is Bacarat, while the entrepreneur’s is living the life of a superstar.  The gambler works hard when he has to and plays Bacarat to distract himself. The entrepreneur appears as a man of leisure, but he works non-stop accumulating business while socializing.  The player has a select circle of friends whom he meets over dinners, poker and cigars. The entrepreneur commutes between Hong Kong and Europe to socialize with the creme de la creme of the fashion industry, aristocrats and Paris Match society.
Both men have a permanent entourage of beautiful women trying to catch their attention. The player resists singular attachment, while the entrepreneur has eyes for the only one woman.

Yacht Man – 100 x 100 x 5cm

Art Painting Yacht Man portrait tycoon Dave Ong by commercial glamour artist and portraitist Fox Daniels

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This painting was inspired by the flamboyant Asian billionaires. He is rich and wants the world to know it.  His new super yacht is his latest toy.  His outfit as well as his Patek Philippe Nautilius watch are carefully chosen for the mood of the day. His girlfriends are subject to the same fate.  He likes to entertain his business associates on his yacht. A French chef and a team of waiters cater his luncheons. A cocktail mixer and waitresses are on call for parties.

Law Man – 100 x 80 x 5cm

Art painting Law Man by commercial glamour artist and portraitist Fox Daniel

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He is the man the rich and powerful turn to when they are in trouble.  He knows how to bend the law and how to pave the way to success.  Every day he is ready for a new battle, which he invariably wins.  He spends his time studying law and looking for weaknesses which he can exploit.  He is a cerebral man who doesn’t tolerate ignorance easily, except in a beautiful young woman.  He enjoys playing poker, reading pulp fiction and catching up with his fellow Law Men at the club.

Money Man – 100 x 80 x 5cm

Money Man EtsyClick on the image to enlarge

Inspired by investment bankers. He has reached the top and is having a great time.  He is tough as nails yet his charm will pave the way to whatever he wants to achieve.  He is the A-type cosmopolitan man, comfortable dealing with business in China as much as in the US and Europe.  He works the investment markets most successfully when they are bullish.  He plays hard but works harder to ensure his future assets. He can afford a beautiful wife and a regular change of beautiful girlfriends.  He is on a roll.

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