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About Fox

contemporary art painter artist Fox DanielsGlamour Artist Without Rules.

I am a voyeur artist who paints what Oscar Wilde would write about if he was alive today.  I am part of the new generation of the CoBrA Movement and Outsider Artists. With this in mind I have the total freedom to work without the limitations of the established rules within the Industry of Art and Academies.

I am half Belgian, half Berber, obsessed with colours and languages.

I participated in several group exhibitions and shows around Asia and Europe. In 2012 I had my first solo exhibition in Hong Kong showcasing the series “Birds of Paradise” which made quite a stir in the Hong Kong press and throughout China.

I began my creative career in fashion and interior design, which took me to work in Paris, New York and London. I also completed acclaimed interior design projects in the South of France and more recently the Philippines and Hong Kong. Today I paint from my studio on Gozo, a tiny island in the mediterranean.

My work can be found in corporate boardrooms and private residencies of celebrities and distinguished individuals around the world such as Stephen and Deborah Hung, Christoper Hsu and Hana Dang. Collectors are most welcome to contact me or my gallery to enquire about any specific painting. Enquiries regarding private commissions are also welcome.

Currently, I am working on a series entitled “Gender Neutral” – This series zooms in on the typicality’s of today’s confused sexual perception of self. In my previous and ongoing series “It’s not about the Money” I chose my subjects at times as individuals or an amalgam of prominent personalities from a particular arena, be it politics, industry or society.

Studio Fox Daniels Art

Studio Fox Daniels Art

My Diagon Alley holiday Home in the Med
My Babouche holiday Home in the Med